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Understanding Git without the Struggles of Technological & Terminological Gatekeeping

I've come to find that overexplanation and complexity for the sake of complexity is rampant in Information Technology. Gatekeeping, ego, pride, fear, and misunderstanding tend to fuel this. I try my best to knock all of this down. I do not worry about someone getting promoted before me and I do not worry about getting fired. If I do what is right and I can do the same thing when no one is looking, I tend to believe that everything eventually will work out. Enablement is one of the keys to progression and growth. If I want to continue to grow for the next ten years, I have to work to enable folks so that we can all move forward together. Unrelated technological analogy - If I can teach someone how to do a cartwheel, maybe I can cartwheel less and focus on learning how to do a backflip.

I found this awesome illustration of Git a while ago and I've been working on something similar, but connecting it to a real-world system. How can I explain Git to someone who has no idea what Git is? Better yet, how can I explain Git to someone who has no idea what Microsoft Word is? My thought is to create a point of relativity to a parcel service. A parcel service is a real world system that millions of people use regardless of their career. I use this explanation to help folks who are looking to break into DevOps/Platform Engineering/SRE, or really anything else. I had no idea what Git was and it was intimidating. This is how I would have liked to learn it -



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