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Getting Started with DevOps... or Whatever You Wanna Call It

Many of my previous posts have included reference or hints to leveling up throughout your career. This post is going to be short, sweet, and simple. Over the next few weeks I will add content that provides a one-stop shop for how to do things, free of all the vendor catches, ads, and money. No money, no nothing. I get nothing from this. The purpose is 100% solely for helping other people and will serve as a reference point in time for me later. Hint: I never memorize where to go to add an ssh key when joining a new organization and I follow GitHub's documentation every single time. The documentation is good enough and memorizing it is not valuable enough to me.

As each post is created, this post will be edited to serve as an index. All local tool installations, commands, and work will be done from a MacBook. If the content generates any interest from folks with Windows, I'll be glad to do a version for Windows. I won't go too deep on much, but I will expose common tools and commands that I use daily.

The idea here is to use plain terminology - no frills, limited or no six syllable words. The intent and objective is to help others absorb fast and effectively.

To end with a phrase i loathe passionately - MORE TO COME!!!





Store and share your code. It's like a library.

Google Cloud Platform

Cloud provider. Builds your stuff. Modern datacenter killer.


​Tool that uses code (HCL) to build your stuff in GCP more consistently and repeatably.


Workload orchestrator. Deploy your services. Make them resilient, fault-tolerant, and highly available.



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